Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo

Words & Music by Helen Deutsch & Bronislaw Kaper, 1952
Recorded by Leslie Caron & Mel Ferrer, 1953 (#30)
Featured in the movie "Lili"

   D      A        Fdim   D
A song of love is a sad song, 

          F#m      Em7  A7
Hi-lili hi-lili hi-lo,

  A7     A7sus4     G/B     A7                       
A song of love is a song of woe, 

             A7+5    D        A7
Don't ask me how I know.

   D      A         G    D
A song of love is a sad song, 

    Am      B7            Em      B+
For I have loved and it's so.

  Em7        Em6         D        DM7
I sit at the window and watch the rain, 

   A7      A7+5     D     DM7    D7
Hi-lili hi-lili hi-lo;

   Em         B+       D     Bm
Tomorrow I'll probably love again, 

First time;

    A7              D  Cdim  A
Hi-lili hi-lili hi-lo.

Last time;

   A7               D   G   D
Hi-lili hi-lili hi-lo.

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