House of Bamboo

Words & Music by Bill Crompton & Norman Murrells, 1958
Recorded by Earl Grant, 1960

A       G     A
Number fifty-four,

    A               G Em7  A
The house with the bamboo door,

A       G   Em7  A       G     
Bamboo roof and bamboo walls,

Em7     A          G  Em7  A
They've even got a bamboo floor!

         Em7     A  G/B  A7  D6  Dalt Gdim  D
You must get to know        Soho Joe,

           Em7    A  G/B  A7
He runs an Expresso,

           D         C  D
Called the House of Bamboo.

       Em7       A    G/B  A7
It's-a made of sticks.

 D6        Dalt    Gdim  D
Sticks and bricks,

            Em7       A    G/B  A7
But you can get your kicks

        D        C  D
In the house of bamboo.

    A7  Em7  G/B  A7  Em7     A7      Em7 A7
In this ca - si - no, you can drink a chi no,

D   A7   G  D   Bm7      A7     G    D
And it's gotcha swingin' to the cha cha

A7    Em7      G/B  A7 Em7 A7      Em7   A7
Dance the bo - le - ro in  a som - bre - ro.

D    A7   G       D
Shake    like a snake!

A7  Em7   G/B  A7  Em7     A7       Em7   A7
You wanna drop in when the cats are hop - pin'.

D   A7   G    D   Bm7    A7     G    D
Let your two feet move-a to the big beat;

A7       Em7   G/B    A7      Em7    A7   Em7    A7
Pick yourself a kit - ten and listen to a plat - ter 

      D    A7      G     D
That rocks    the juke-box!

      Em7     A   G/B  A7  D6          Dalt Gdim  D
I'm-a telling you,         when you're blue,

              Em7     A   G/B  A7
Well there's a lot to do

        D       C   D
In the House Of Bamboo.

I had to overcome my own ignorance on this one, when I went looking for it -- I was convinced it was Nat King Cole singing it. It wasn't -- it was Earl Grant. Finding things gets a whole lot easier when you look for stuff that actually exists.

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