How About You?

Words & Music by Ralph Freed & Burton Lane
Recorded by Tommy Dorsey, 1942 (#8)
From the 1941 movie "Babes On Broadway"*

G Bm7-5      G/B    Edim Am7          D9      D7
I  like New York in June -- how about you?

G Bm7-5  G/B      Edim   Bm7-5      Fdim    Bb9
I like a Gershwin tune -- how about you?

A9 C#m7-5   Gdim  Bbm7-5  G        G/F#      E7          
I   love  a fire - side     when a storm is due;

Gdim      Bm7-5       C#m7-5         F#7         
I   like potato chips, moonlight and motor trips --

Bm7-5   B9   Am7   D9
How   about you?

G  Bm7-5   G/B      Edim Am7              D9      D7
I'm mad  about good books -- can't get my fill.

Dm           Dm7        Dm7-5  CM7           F9
And Franklin Roosevelt's looks    give me a thrill.

D7        G        G/B         
Holding hands in a movie show

Gdim         Edim           C          Cm7
When all the lights are low may not be new, 

First Time:

B7 G/B Edim       Am7   D9   G  Edim Am7 Cdim 
But I  like it -- how about you?

Last time:

B7 G/B Edim       Am7   D9  G/BEdim     Am7  Cdim  G
But I like it -- how about,  I like it, how about you?

*Performed in the film by Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney, the song was nominated for -- and would have been a shoe-in for -- an Academy Award except for one other contender that year: it was up against "White Christmas." One can only guess what kind of ribbing lyricist Freed must have taken for the suggestion that Franklin Roosevelt's looks could have given anybody a thrill.

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