How Little It Matters, How Little We Know

Words & Music by Carolyn Leigh & Phillip Springer
Recorded by Frank Sinatra, 1956

Intro:  D - DM7 - D6 - D6+5 - D6 - Fdim - D6

        Em - B+ - Em7 - Em6 

A7  Em7    A7     DM7  D7  D6     D9            Em7/9     Fdim  A7
How lit - tle we know,        how much to dis - cov - er

     Em7        A7   D9       F#m  Bm7     Bm7/E        Gm7  A6/7/9  A7
What chem - i - cal for - ces flow     from lov - er to lov - er?

    A7/6      A7  D
How lit - tle we un - der - stand 

     F#m        Fm       Em7         A7
What touch - es off that tin - gle,

    A6/7/9     A7    D         DM7
That sud - den ex - plo - sion when 

    Bm        F#m         F      A7
Two tin - gles in - ter - min - gle.

A7  Em7      A7   DM7  D7  D6     D9             Em7/9     Fdim  A7
Who cares to de - fine       what chem - is - try this is?

   Em7         A7   D9       F#m  Bm7     Bm7/E      Gm7   A7
Who cares with your lips on mine how ig - nor - ant bliss is?

                B7              D9       Bm7-5     G          Gm7 Gdim
So long as you kiss me and the world a - round us shat - ters,

    Edim         D          Fdim   Em7
How lit - tle it mat - ters, 

    A7       A7+5  D   DM7 Em7 A7 D6
How lit - tle we know.

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