How Soon (Will I Be Seeing You?)

Words & Music by Jack Owens & Carroll Lucas, 1944
Recorded by Bing Crosby, 1947

Intro:  | C   Cdim | F  Fm | C  A7 | Dm7 G |

 G   C   Fdim C Cdim G7   Dm7  G
How soon will I  be see - ing you?

Edim Dm  G7 Dm7 G  Fdim C   G   C  CM7  C7    
How soon?    I wish  I really knew.

     F        Dm7     G
And when will you be saying 

 C      Fdim     C     C/B
Words I want to hear?

 Am    Am+7    Am7       Am7/G  G   Am7 G/B  D9     Am7   D7
Tender little love words   --  stor - y old, mean - ing clear,

G   C   Fdim C Cdim G7  Dm7  G
How soon will I be close to you

Am7  F     G  Dm7  G Fdim C   Dm7  C   CM7  C7
And dance     the way we  used to do?

Edim  F       Dm7        E7
 I   see your star eyes gleaming --

Fdim  Am     Am+7      D7
Don't mind me if I'm dreaming

 C       A7       Dm7  G6   C
Tell me, Darling, now, how soon?

I found this one while looking for another song with a similar title, and while it may not fit the mold of "pop standard" in that it never really became a standard (it was only recorded about eight times) it just sounded too nice not to include. Interestingly enough, the commonly-accepted lyrics are not the ones Crosby sings here. Crosby's rendition is beautifully matched with Carmen Cavallaro's elegant yet understated accompaniment.

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