Humpty Dumpty Heart

Words & Music by Johnny Burke & Jimmy Van Heusen
Recorded by Glenn Miller Orchestra, 1942

C      G     Fdim  C   F  A7
Who's giving that line to you?

Am    E7  Fdim     F  Em7 Bb9
You think it's divine, do you?

 C        Am    G7    Fdim     C   A7  Dm7  G7
You're a crazy Humpty Dumpty heart.

C       G     Fdim C    F  A7
You're letting  a grin kid you,

Am   E7  Fdim  F   Em7 Bb9
You never did win, did you?

C        Am    G7   Fdim     C     CM7   C7
Just a silly Humpty Dumpty heart.

 C     F   C    F   F7/6 F  Fm       E
Don't mean to criticize, or say I'm wise,

E7  C   G/B    Am7 C     E7
But if you'll just re - call, 

    C   G/B   Am     B7    F       G   Fdim  F     G7
You sat on a garden wall, and you know what hap - pened.

C      G     Fdim    C       F    A7
You'll still have a chance, won't you?

Am   E7  Fdim     F     Em7  Bb9
You sure want romance, don't you?

C            Am     F      G    Fdim  C
Hope you're lucky, Humpty Dump - ty heart. 

*Requested by recent visitor Norman Phillips

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