I Can't Get Started

Words & Music by Ira Gershwin & Vernon Duke
Recorded by Ella Fitzgerald, 1979

G      G6  G    CM7   C   Am7         Dm7    G7 
I've flown a - round the world in a plane;

             E    E7          Am     Fm7
I've settled revolutions in Spain;

              CM7  C    Am      
The north pole I have charted,

   Dm7           G           C    Am7  Fm7   G#7-G7
But I can't get started with you.

G     G6   G   CM7   C    Am7         Dm7    G7
A - round the golf course, I'm under par,

             E     E7          Am     Fm7
And all the movies want me to star;

           CM7    C   Am        Dm7
I've got a house, a show place,

          G              C    G#7 G7
But I get no place with you.


C      C/B   Dm7   G7   Dm7       G7
You're so supreme,     lyrics I write of you,

CM7   CM7/6 CM7       CM7/6
Scheme      just for a sight of you,

D     Bm7 Bm7-5          D7
Dream      both  day and night of you,

Dm7 Am7   Fm7         G
And what good does it do?

G   G6   G   CM7   C       Am7   Dm7    G7
In nineteen twenty-nine, I sold short;

     E           E7          Am     Fm7
In England, I'm presented at court,

           CM7     C    Am        Dm7
But you've got me down-hearted,

 Dm7      G          G7          C   Fm7   Bb9   C
'Cause I can't get started with you.

Instrumental Interlude:  1 Verse

Repeat Bridge:

Repeat Final Verse:

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