I Could Have Danced All Night

Words & Music by Alan Jay Lerner & Frederick Loewe
Recorded by Frank Sinatra, 1958
From the Broadway musical "My Fair Lady"

D  F#m  A7    D9         D
I could have danced all night,

   F#m   A    DM7   Fdim D6
I could have danced all night,

A7   D     F#m  B7    Cdim Em7   A7
And still have begged for more!

  Edim         Em       B+
I could have spread my wings

    B7     Em7      Em6
And done a thousand things

 A7  G    G/F# Em7 A7    DM7
I've nev - er done be - fore!

     A7        F#              G#m C#7  F#
I'll nev - er know what made it so ex - ci - ting;

    C#7    AM7     Bm7   E7-9   A7
Why all at once my heart took flight.

G G/B  A7  D   A7   DM7             G6    G5  G/B
I on - ly know when she be - gan to dance with me

   Em7        Em7/9   A7     Gdim   A7    D
I could have danced, danced, danced all night!

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