I Cover The Waterfront

Words & Music by Johnny Green & Edward Heyman, 1933
Recorded by Mel Torme, 1948

Intro Verse:

G6             Bb9  G6               Bb9
Away from the city    that hurts and mocks,

     G6       Bb9         G6*       Bb9
I'm standing alone by the desolate docks

        G6            Bb9          G      Bb9
In the still and the chill of the night;

G6          Bb9    G6             Bb9
I see the horizon,   the great unknown

    G6          Bb9           G6*       Bb9
My heart has an ache, it's as heavy as stone --

          G6         Bb9        G6
Will the dawn coming on make it right?


Em7/9 Em7      A7/6       A7  DM7      G6          F#m7   Fdim
   I cover the waterfront,        I'm watching the sea;

Em7      G/B         A7     D6     Cdim    Dalt  D6
Will the one that I love be coming back to me?

Em7/9 Em7       A7/6       A7  Dalt      G           F#m7   Fdim
  I   cover the waterfront,          in search of my love,

        Em7          G/B       A7   D     Gm  D
And I'm covered by a deep blue sky above.


Em7    A7  DM7        B7
Here am I, patiently waiting,

Em7         A7        DM7        Bm7
Hoping and longing -- oh, how I yearn!

B7              EM7          C#m
Where are you?  Are you forgetting?

A        B7       A7/6        A7
Do you remember?  Will you return?

Em7/9 Em7      A7/6       A7      Dalt         F#m7     
  I  cover the waterfront,    I'm watching the sea,

 Fdim      Em         Em7        G       A7sus4 A7  D
'Cause the one that I love will soon come back  to me.

*The G6 used in the introduction is played 320000 except for the one noted with the asterisk, which is played 300200.

Thanks to recent visitor Rye Chusley for correcting my previously inccorect into lyric.

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