I Didn't Know What Time It Was

Words & Music by Lorenz Hart & Richard Rodgers
Recorded by Frank Sinatra, 1957
From the 1939 show "Too Many Girls"

F#m7/9  B7       Cdim      B7          F#m7/9     B7   Cdim  B7 
  I       didn't know what time it was,      then I met you

E7/9  A7         Cdim    A7         D9       D6          Cdim
Oh       what a lovely time it was -- how sublime it was too!

F#m7/9 B7        Cdim      B7        F#m7/9     B7      Cdim  B7 
  I       didn't know what day it was --    you held my hand.

E7/9  A7          Cdim      A7        
Warm     like the month of May it was,

DM7       D6         Dalt
And I'll say it was grand.

DM7/9   F#m   A7   Em7   Edim
Grand to be alive, to be young, 

      DM7        D+5   D7/9  Em7
To be mad, to be yours  a - lone!

Gdim  Edim  A7 Em7  D6    Cdim       Em7
Grand  to  see your face, feel your touch, 

Edim       A7   Em7       A7   D6  B7
Hear your voice say, "I'm all your own!"

B7  F#m       Cdim       B7         F#m    Cdim    B7
I      didn't know what year it was,   life was no prize.

Em7/9 B7        Em       B+          D         Cdim         B7
  I      wanted love and here it was    shining out of your eyes.

Cdim  E   C#m7-5       A        Cdim        E
 I'm wise   --  and I know what time it is now.

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