If Dreams Come True

Words & Music by Edgar Sampson, Benny Goodman & Irving Mills
Recorded by Peggy Lee, 1959

Cdim  Em7  G/B  A7  Fdim  D6  B7
If  dreams         come true,

Cdim Em7 G/B  A7 A7+5  D6  
I'll  be         with you;

D7 G6   G6/F#  Gdim Edim  Bm  F#7       Bm   Bm7/E
I love              that smile in your eyes --

    E7/6 E7  A9  Bm7-5       A7
You seem a  dream in  dis - guise.

Cdim  Em7  G/B  A7 Fdim   D6  B7
 In  your           ca - ress, 

Cdim Em7 G/B  A7 A7+5        D6  
 I  find         hap - pi - ness

D7   G  G/F# Em7 Cdim  Bm   E7
And love          in  view,

Cdim  G   G/F#  Em7  Edim  D
 If dreams           come true.

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