If I Give My Heart To You

Words & Music by Jimmie Crane, Al Jacobs, & Jimmy Brewster
Recorded by Doris Day, 1954 (#3)*

C    G        Dm7      C   C/B    Am7   
If I give my heart to you, 

          Am7/G           Dm     Dm+7      Dm7
Will you handle it with care?

         Dm6              F     G  Dm7       G    G+5     C   Edim  G7
Will you always treat me tenderly    and in every way be fair?

      G       Dm7      C   C/B    Am7
If I give my heart to you, 

         Am7/G             Dm     Dm+7      Dm7
Will you give me all your love?

         Dm6                    F     G  Dm7
Will you swear that you'll be true to me 

         G                 C   Fdim  C
By the light that shines above?


    C7        F                    Dm7
And will you sigh with me when I'm sad?

 CM7      CM7/6           A7
Smile with  me  when I'm glad?

    Dm7           F                  G
And always be as you are with me tonight?

          G  Dm7      C   C/B    Am7
Think it over and be sure;  

             Am7/G           Dm    Dm+7    Dm7
Please don't answer till you do.

         Dm6                 F        G  Dm7
When you promise all those things to me, 

           G      Cdim          C   Fdim  C
Then I'll give my heart to you.

(Repeat Bridge)

(Repeat final verse)

*Competing 1954 versions were released by Denise Lor (#8); Connee Boswell (#10); The Wright Brothers (#25); and Dinah Shore (#28). The song charted again a few years later with Kitty Kallen's (#34) version in 1959.

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