If I Had My Life to Live Over

Words & Music by Henry Tobias & Moe Jaffe, 1939**
Recorded by The Dinning Sisters, 1947

G G9 G  B7  C  C/B  Am7   G
As I review my life with you,

C          D7  Am7 G
Since the days of old;

C          Cdim      B7        Em
I wouldn't think of changing things

     D        A7             D   D7
For all the world and it's gold.

Am7 G    G/F# Em  Am7 D7  G
If  I had my life to live over,

G           B7           C     C/B  Am7
I'd do the same things again;

      C       C/B  D7  Cdim      B7              Em
I'd still want to roam near the place we called home,

 B+       A7  Cdim  A7   Cdim   D   A7  Am7
Where my happiness never would end.

Am7     G    G/F# Em  Am7          D7  G
I would meet you when school days were over,

 D7      G                 B7           C     C/B  Am7    
And we'd walk through the lanes we once knew.

   C    C/B Cdim    Am7  G     G/F#  E7
If I had my life to live over,

Am7 E7    C    C/B  Am7 Cdim  D7   G  (D9  Am7   D7)
I  would still fall in  love with you.

*Suggested by recent visitor Alan Reid.

**Larry Vincent got his name added to the writer's credit for recording the song, but he had nothing to do with writing it, so I left his name off deliberately here. The intro verse I've included is actually from a recording by Foster & Allen, but I hadn't heard it elsewhere; their 2005 version has some strong points in its favor (it is in fact the version I most prefer) as does one done by -- get ready for this, because I can't believe I'm actually writing these words -- Slim Whitman. All are infinitely preferable to my ear than the modernized, up-tempo rendition by Lou Rawls and others. I credit the Dinning Sisters here, but the decision is arbitrary -- and they sound so much like the Lennon Sisters on this one that its hard to distinguish the two vocal groups. But I'll stand by the credit line because they're a now-largely-forgotten act that deserves being remembered, one that had excellent harmonies in their recordings.

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