If I Loved You

Words & Music by Oscar Hammerstein II & Richard Rodgers
Recorded by Perry Como, 1945 (#3)
From the musical "Carousel"

A F#m Cdim
If I loved you, 

 A   E7  D9   A  Fdim  A    Bm7    F#7
Time and a - gain I   would try to say

D9      Cdim         A    D9  E7
All I'd want you to know;

A F#m Cdim
If I loved you, 

  A    E7     D9   A  Fdim A  Bm7     F#7
Words would - n't come in  an ea - sy way--

  Bm  Bm7/E Bm7-5      Cdim A    
'Round in    cir - cles I'd go.


F#m           Bm7                G#7      C#7
Long - ing to tell you, but a - fraid and shy,

F#m        Bm7       Bm7/E       G   B7 E7
I'd let my gol - den chan - ces pass me by.

 A   F#m   Cdim
Soon you'd leave me, 

A   E7   D9   A Fdim  A  Bm7     F#7
Off you would go in  the mist of day

Bm   Bm7 Bm7-5    Cdim  A
Nev - er, nev - er to know

Bm  F#  D9
How I'd love you

Bm7 E7-9  A
If    I loved you.

*As noted in the Ron Hontz lyric transcription found at Lyrics World, this song was revived by Chad & Jeremy in 1965, when they reached #23 on the charts. Suggested by recent visitor Charles.

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