If I Should Lose You

Words & Music by Ralph Rainger & Leo Robin
Recorded by Franks Sinatra, 1984
From the 1936 movie "Rose of the Rancho"

A7     Em7  Fdim Bm
If I should lose you, 

F#7       Em7   A7            Bm
The stars would fall from the sky;

Dalt    G     Fdim  D
 If  I should lose you, 

A7(V)  Gdim  Fdim       D
Leaves would wither and die;

    Gdim Dalt F#7
The birds in May-time, 

       Edim   Fdim    Gdim    D
They'd sing a mournful re - frain,

    A C#m7-5 F#7   Gdim  Bm
And I would  wander a - round

E7/9       Em7  G/B  A7
Hating the sound of rain.

A7   Em7   Fdim Bm
With you beside me, 

    F#7   A7    Bm   A7      Bm
The rose would bloom in the snow;

Dalt      G   Fdim Bm
With you be - side me, 

A7   Gdim  Fdim           D
No winds of winter would blow.

 C#m7-5 F#7 E7/9
I gave  you my love,

Em7 Edim     Gdim      D
And   I  was living a dream

    Fdim          Bm     B7
But living would seem in vain if I

C#m7-5  F#7 Bm
(Hatin' the rain if I)

Cdim        B7
(All is in vain if I)

E7   Bm7-5 E7/6 A
If I ever  lost you.

*Requested by frequent visitor Bob A.

The two lines where lyrics are enclosed in parentheses are lines Sinatra uses on the second time through the song. He uses the first four lines of the verse as an instrumental break to lead into the close.

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