If You Are But a Dream

Words & Music by Moe Jaffe, Nat Bonx & Jack Fulton
Recorded by Frank Sinatra, 1944

A  Edim    Fdim    E      D9      A    A9 Cdim   A
If you are but a dream, I hope I nev - er  wa - ken;

A   C#m7-5    F#7       D9     E7/9      E7       Cdim  A
It's more than I could bear to find that I'm for - sa - ken.

   Edim    Bm7-5       E7 Bm7-5 Cdim      E7sus4   E
If you're a fan - ta - sy, then  I'm con - tent to be

D9 Bm7-5      Cdim      E7   D9  Cdim    Bm7-5        E7
In  love with love - ly you, and pray my dream comes true.

E7 Bm7-5    A      F#m      D9        Fdim
I  long to kiss you,  but I would not dare --

    E7     Bm7-5       A      F#m       D9     Fdim
I'm so a - fraid that you may van - ish in the air.

E7 Bm7-5   E        A        A7           Gdim D
So  dar - ling, if our ro - mance should break up,

  C#7   C#7/G#     D6  B7
I hope I nev - er wake up, 

   D9     E7-9 Fdim  A
If you are but  a  dream.

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