If You Were The Only Girl In The World

Words & Music by Clifford Gray & Nat Ayer, 1916
Recorded by Perry Como, 1946

A7  D           B7    G          E7
If you were the only girl in the world,

   A7                 D    Fdim   A7
And I were the on - ly boy,

D                    Bm7-5              Em7       A7
Noth - ing else would mat - ter in the world to - day,

Em7            A7       A7+5     D  Fdim A7
We could go on lov - ing in the same old way.

  D           B7             G        E7
A gar - den of E - den just made for two,

     A7           Em7  A7  D   Fdim  A7
With noth - ing to mar our joy.

Bm               F#m
I would say such won - der - ful things to you,

G      G+   A7     A7+5              D         B7
There would be such won - der - ful things to do,

   Em           Gm       D          B+    
If you were the on - ly girl in the world,

B7  E7         G    A7  D
And I were the on - ly boy.

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