I Get Ideas

Words & Music by Dorcas Cochran & Lenny Sanders
Recorded by Tony Martin, 1951

E   Cdim E     A                   E7          D
When we  are dancing, and you're dangerously near me,

Bm Bm7/E   E7sus4 E   E7sus4    E7   D9   A
I   get  i - de - as,   I   get  i - de - as;

E7         A              E7-9            D9
I want to hold you so much closer than I dare to,

   Bm      E7                 D9      Bm7-5   A6   A
I want to scold you 'cause I care more than I care to.

E   Cdim E     A                   E7            D
And when you touch me and there's fire in every finger,

Bm Bm7/E   E7sus4 E   E7sus5    E7   D9   A
I   get  i - de - as,   I   get  i - de - as;

    E7    A       Em     Em7  A7       Em7   A7  D9  D  Dm
And after we have kissed goodnight and still you linger,

  E      A        F#m    E7/6 Fdim A
I kinda think you get i - de - as too.

      C#7     C#7/G# Dm6   E7      Dm6          E7-9      F#m
Your eyes are always say - ing the things you're nev - er say - ing

 Bm7-5 E7          Cdim    E7      D9        E7sus4 E7  A
I only hope they're say - ing that you could  love  me too

     A9     A   AM7  A   A7  A7/9 A7   Dm
For that's the whole i - de - a, it's true --

    Dm6    Dm Bm7-5 A      D9   Cdim  E       E7sus4 E7   A
The love - ly   i - de - a that I've fallen in love with you.

*Suggested by recent visitor Sandra W.

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