I Guess I'll Get the Papers (And Go Home)

Words & Music by Hal Kenner, Hughie Prince & Dick Rodgers
Recorded by The Mills Brothers, 1946

   D                 F#m            B7
I guess I'll get the papers and go home,

     Cdim       E7  Bm7-5  E7         Cdim   E7
Like I've been doin' ever since we've been apart.

  A7       Em7   A7     A  Fdim A7
I get some consolation when I  read,

   D          F#m       B7    Edim  A7
Of some - one el - se's lone - ly heart.

   D            F#m            B7
I wonder if you get the papers too,

   Cdim     E7    Bm7-5        E7     Cdim  E7
And if you feel as mel - an - chol - y as I do.

   D         F#m    B7         D      F#m     Bb
Until you're in my arms again, never more to roam, 

   D         B7       E7   Edim     D
I guess I'll get the papers and go home.

Thanks to recent visitor Al Lees for the suggestion, and to the helpful folks in a particular chatgroup who went out of their way to locate a source from which I could transcribe.

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