I Had The Craziest Dream

Words & Music by Harry Warren & Mack Gordon
Recorded by Harry James, 1943 (#1)

D                B7               Em7              A7
In a dream, the strangest and the oddest things appear, 

     D              Bm7-5   E7      Em7  A7
And what insane and silly things we do. 

D             F#7    C#7     F#m          Dm6
Here is one I see before me, vividly and clear: 

   A            B7       E7      A7   A7+5
As I recall it, you were in it, too. 

D         F#7       Bm   B7     Em   Cdim   Em     B+
I had the craziest dream last night, yes I did. 

Em7        Am7            Em7
  I never dreamt it could be, 

Gdim  D       Fdim     Em7       A7
Yet there you were, in love with me. 

Cdim               B7          Cdim   B7
I found your lips close to mine so I kissed you 

    Em         Am      B7 Em
And you didn't mind it at all. 

F#7        C#7         F#7         C#7
When I'm awake such a break never happens. 

     F#m       Fdim      Em7   A7+5
How long can a guy go on dream-ing? 

D             F#7             Bm 
If there's a chance that you care 

 B7    Em    Cdim     Em  Gm7
Then, please, say you do, Baby. 

First Time:

D           F#7   Bm7-5  E7       Em7   Edim   D    Em7   A7   A7+5
Say it and make my cra - zi - est dream come true.

Last Time:

D          F#7    Bm7-5  E7        Em7  Edim   D    B7   Fdim   D
Say it and make my cra - zi - est dream come true.

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