I Have But One Heart

Words & Music by Johnny Farrow & Marty Symes
Recorded by Al Martino, 1972
From Connie's wedding in the movie "The Godfather"

E Cdim     A    AM7   F#m       Cdim     Bm    D9    E
I have but one heart,      this heart I bring you;

  Fdim     E7   D9    E7    Cdim        A   D9   A
I have but one heart     to share with you.

  Cdim      A    AM7  F#m       A7     Gdim  D  Bm
I have but one dream        that I can cling to:

    E   D9       A   F#m     D9   Bm7-5  A   C#7
You are the one dream      I pray comes true.

    C#m        Cdim(IV) G#7     Ebm7-5     G#7       C#m
My Darling, un - til I  saw you,  I  never felt this way;

    E      C#m7    A      F#m B7       B7/F#    E7
And nobody else before you    ever has heard me say

   Bm7-5    A   AM7  F#m      A7    Gdim      D  Bm
You are my one love;      my life I live for you.

   E   D9   A   F#m   D9   Bm7-5     A   
I have but one heart     to give to you.

*Requested by recent visitor Ron Deming.

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