I Know Now

Words & Music by Al Dubin & Harry Warren
Recorded by Guy Lombardo, 1937 (#2)

C  Dm7  Em   C     C/B D7/9     G7   D7/9  G7
I know now, you're the on - ly one;

C  Dm7  Em   C   C/B D7/9       G7   D7/9  G7
I know now, I'm  the lone - ly one.

  E7 Cdim  E7 Fdim(III)   A9   Am   Am7
I had to learn   how   a heart can yearn,

 Am  D9   Am7  D7    D9  G  Dm7 Am7 D7/9 G7
How tears can burn, with no one to  turn to.

G D7/9  G   G/F# Em7 Am7        D9  Am7  D7
I know now, that  I can't for - get,

   E    Cdim    E7  Bm7-5  Am  A7
I can't, for I don't know how;

Em7 A7  Dm F        Dm7    C9  C    Em7 A7
I guess I nev - er knew how I need - ed you,

     D9      Am7  G7 Fdim  C
But sweet - heart, I know now.

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