I'll Be Around

Words & Music by Alex Wilder
Recorded by The Mills Brothers, 1958

C    C/B  Am7  Am7/G
I'll be around,

          Dm  Dm+7      Dm7      G
No matter how      you treat me now --

CM7  Am7 CM7  Dm7   G7      C   Gdim  Dm7  G7
I'll be  a - round from now on.

C    C/B       Am7  Am7/G
Your la - test love

          Dm  Dm+7     Dm7      G
Can never last,   and when its past,

CM7  Am7 CM7  Dm7   G7       C    Fdim  C  CM7 
I'll be  a - round when he's gone.


     C#7   Gm7  C7   Gm7
Good-bye   a - gain, 

    C#7    Gm7     C7  Edim  FM7
And if you find a love like mine 

     G#7  D7 G7/6  G7
Just now and then, 

    C     Edim               Dm7     Fdim
Oh drop a line to say you're feeling fine

     C    C/B      Am7  Am7/G
And when things go wrong,

               Dm  Dm+7       Dm7       G
Perhaps you'll see     you're meant for me,

   CM7  Am7 CM7  Dm7   G7       C
So I'll be  a - round when he's gone.

In some respects, this one reminds me a lot of another Mills Brothers tune on this site -- "Til Then." Both are very laid-back ballads, done in arrangements which are almost Spartan in their simplicity, and both feature bridges with just a dash of the unexpected in the melody line.

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