I'll Never Smile Again

Words & Music by Ruth Lowe*
Recorded by Frank Sinatra, 1940

DM7  Fdim   Em7         A7        A7sus4 A7 DM7   D alt    G     DM7
I'll never smile again,   until I smile  at you;

DM7  Fdim   Em7        A7     A7sus4 A7      DM7    D alt    G     DM7
I'll never laugh again  what good  would it do?

    Em7         A7       D
For tears would fill me eyes,

   F#7         B7        DM7        
My heart would re - al - ize

    Bm7-5   E7        Em7    G/B   A7
That our romance is through.

     Fdim   Em7       A7         A7sus4  A7   DM7    D alt    G     DM7
I'll never love gain,   I'm so in love  with  you.

DM7  Fdim   Em7         A7    A7sus4   A7     DM7    D alt    G     DM7
I'll never thrill again     to some - bod - y new.

G         E7/9      DM7        F#m    B7
Within my heart, I know I will never start

   Em7     G/B  A7sus4        A7   A7+5  D   D9  G   Gdim    D
To smile again,      until I smile  at  you.

*The first song she wrote, "I'll Never Smile Again" commemorates the death of her husband Emile in Chicago in 1939.

As I learned from a recent visitor, this was not the only song she ever wrote, in spite of assertions I have seen (and quoted) to the contrary. Because of having written this one, and because it had been brought to the attention of Frank Sinatra and Tommy Dorsey, she became acquainted with both. Shortly thereafter, she was specifically asked to write a theme song for Sinatra...and to do it virtually overnight, because it was needed immediately. She had a partly-finished song called "Put Your Dreams Away For Another Day" which she'd been unable to finish; working over night, she collaborated with Stephen Weiss and Paul Mann to finish it.

Though it never reached the hit status of her first, the song made a huge impression on the Sinatra family. At Frank's death a few years ago, this song was, at the request of the family, the last song played at the funeral.

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