I'll Remember April

Words & Music by Don Raye, Gene DePaul & Pat Johnson
Recorded by Julie London, 1956

D           D6                DM7   D6
This lovely day will lengthen into ev'ning,

Dm7             Dm6              Dm7       Dm6
We'll sigh good-bye to all we've ever had.

 Gm          A7               C9       B9
Alone, where we have walked together,

B7     Em7         A7-9        DM7   D6
I'll remember April    and be glad.


     Gm7       C7              FM7     Dm7   
I'll be content   you loved me once in April;

     Gm7            C7              FM7              Dm7
Your lips were warm   and love and spring were new;

              Em7     A7              DM7      D6
But I'm not afraid of Autumn and her sorrow,

          C#m7-5  F#7            B7 Em7  A7
For I'll remember     April and you.

     D          D6            DM7     D6
The fire will dwindle in the glowing ashes,

Dm7             Dm6              Dm7        Dm6
For flames and love live such a little while;

Gm          A7         C9       B9
I won't forget, but I won't be lonely --

B7     Em7         A7-9          DM7   D6
I'll remember April,    and I'll smile.

This arrangement probably doesn't deserve to be here...although the song itself certainly does. I've listened to several different ones lately -- from the overly-complicated Four Aces version to a Joni James take that did no service either to her or to the song, and a number of others as well -- and all I can say is, this songs resists being captured by any single version. I've synthesized several versions to derive this one; if you listen to a few, you can probably take it other directions as well.

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