I'll Take Care Of Your Cares

Words & Music by Mort Dixon & James Monaco
Recorded by Frankie Laine, 1967 (#39)

D9        Edim Fdim      D6             B7
I'll take care  of your cares for you,

     E7     Cdim            E7  Bm7-5   E7     
And I'll be there with you when you're blue;

G      G/F#    G/E G/B   A7sus4   A7
Let me be your one ray of sun - shine,

    F#m            Bm7     G      Em7   G/B      A7
And maybe you'll remember some - where, some - time.

D9      Edim Fdim      D6            B7
I won't scold you for your mistakes,

    E7        Cdim           E7  Bm7-5   E7
And I'll just hold you when your heart aches;

   G       G/F#     Gdim           D      F#7      B7
So keep me in your thoughts, your dreams, and your prayers,

    G          A7 Edim       D
And I'll take care of your cares.

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