I'll Walk Alone

Words & Music by Sammy Cahn & Jule Styne
Recorded by Dinah Shore, 1944; in the movie 'Follow The Boys"

A7   G/B  A7    D      D6
I'll walk a - lone,

           Bm7           C7         B7  Em7      A7
Because to tell you the truth, I'll be lonely;

Am       B7         E7       E7-5
I don't mind being lonely

          A7            D  Bm7           E7-5   A9
When my heart tells me you   are lonely, too.

(A9) G/B  A7   D    D6
I'll walk a - lone,

                Bm7          C7        B7  Em7       A7
They'll ask me why, and I'll tell them I'd rather;

Am         B7            E7       E7-5
There are dreams I must gather,

  A7                     D    Bm7             Am    D
Dreams we fashioned that night   you held me tight.


     G                   Gm
I'll always be near you, wherever you are,

     DM7/F#         D6/9
Each night in ev'ry prayer.

   G#m7-5          C#7        G#m7-5      C#7
If you call, I'll hear you, no matter how far 

               F#m7-5  Cdim            Em7-5    A7-9
Just close your eyes,      and I'll be there.

(N.C.) G/B  A7    D     C   Fdim   D
Please walk a - lone,

               Bm7          C7    B7   Em7         A7
And send your love and your kisses to guide me;

Am         B7        E7    
Til you're walking beside me,

Em7  Cdim  Edim  D6    Em   Edim    D6
I'll walk   a - lone.

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