I Love Being Here With You

Words & Music by Peggy Lee & William Schluger
Recorded by Peggy Lee, 1961

   G       D        C        G
I love the East, I love the West,

 C          G             B7       E7
North and South, they're both the best;

      C         Cm       G  B7 E7
But I only want go there as a guest,

          C         Cdim       G      D9
'Cause I love being here with you.

   G        D      C         G
I love the sea, I love the shore,

   C        G          B7     E7
I love the rocks, and what is more,

C        Cm        G    B7  E7
You and they will nev - er bore,

           C        Cdim  D7   G
'Cause I love being  here with you.


E7              F7    E7   F7     Fdim     E7
Singing in the show - er, laughing by the hour-- 

E7     Bm7-5   Fdim    E7
Life is such a breezy game. 

       A7           Gdim    A7            Fdim     A7
I love all kinds of weath - er as long as we're together, 

       D7              Am7 Cm7-5   D7
Oh, I love to hear you say  my   name. 

    G        D     Am7    G/B
I love good wine, fine cuisine,

 C      G          B7       E7
Candle light -- I love the scene,

         C           Cm         G   B7 E7
'Cause, Baby, if you know just what I mean,

   C   Am7   Cdim  D7   G
I love being here with you.

Thanks to recent visitor Judith Whitenack for the suggestion.

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