Words & Music by Johnny Burke & Jimmy Van Heusen
Recorded by Glenn Miller, 1940

G7            C         Gdim    Dm7     G7
I - mag - i - na - tion      is funny;

    C       G+        Gdim     A7                 
It makes a cloudy day sunny,

 Dm     Dm+7         Dm7             
Makes a bee think of honey,

Dm6     Gdim  A7     Fdim   G7  
Just as  I  think of you.

G7             C       Gdim     Dm7         G7
I - mag - i - na - tion      is crazy;

       C       G+           Gdim     A7
Your whole perspective gets hazy,

 Dm        Dm+7     Dm7
Starts you asking a daisy

Dm6     CM7   Am          Gm7   C7  
What to do,       what to do.


E-F      Dm7         Cdim   B7
Have you ever felt a gentle touch,

     Em7    A7       G/Bb       A7     G/B
And then a kiss, and then, and then

          Em7            Am7      Cdim       G7sus4       G7+5
Find it's only your i  - mag - i - na - tion again?   Oh, well…

G7            C         Gdim     Dm7         G7
I - mag - i - na - tion       is silly,

    C     G+          Gdim    A7
You go around willy - nilly,

Dm    Dm+7     Dm7        Dm6     Bb9  Gdim
For example, I go around wanting you,

          Dm7    Bb9         A7-5 G7 Fdim   C   Cdim  Dm9  Fdim   C6/9
And yet I can't imagine that you want me, too.

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