I'm Confessin'

Words & Music by Al Neiburg, Doc Dougherty & Ellis Reynolds*
Recorded by Guy Lombardo, 1930 (#2)**

D              A7+5 A7 DM7     D6
I'm confessin' that I love you,

D               A7+5 Am7  B7
Tell me, do you love  me too?

G              G9     A9        A7       D     Cdim
I'm confessin' that I need you, honest I do --

Em7            A7   A7+5
Need you ev'ry mo - ment.

D              A7+5 A7     DM7          D6
In your eyes I read such strange things,

D             A7+5   Am7    B7
But your lips deny they're true;

G                G9       A9          A7    Gdim  D   G   D   DM7
Will your answer really change things making me blue?


D7             Am7         D9         D7
I'm afraid someday you'll leave me,

G                  D+5       G6       G  D7  Fdim
Saying, "Can't we still be friends?"

E7             E7/9         E7
If you go, you know you'll grieve me;

A9             Em7 Edim   A9    Gdim
All in life on you  de - pends.

D             A7+5 A7  DM7       D6
Am I guessing that you love me,

D                 A7+5 Am7 B7
Dreaming dreams of you in vain?

G               Em7    A9      A7      D    G   Gm - Edim   D6
I'm confessin' that I love you over again.

* A recent visitor alerted me to comments made by urban blues musician Lonnie Johnson on the Folkways records 1982 release of two vinyl LPs of Johnson's 1967 recordings with Moses Asch, all of which were re-released on CD by SmithsonianFolkways in 1993. On those recordings, Johnson claims that Rudy Vallee "stole" this song from a song of Johnson's called "Looking For A Sweetie" when Johnson was working with the Chick Webb orchestra in the 1930s. Johnson acknowledged the song had not been copyrighted at that point, however, and the lyrics Vallee used "wasn't the right lyrics" according to Johnson.

**Lombardo's rendition just barely beat out the Rudy Vallee version(#4) for popularity honors that year. The song was revived by Willie Nelson in 1981.

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