I'm Getting Sentimental Over You

Words & Music by Ned Washington & George Bassman, 1932
Recorded by Tommy Dorsey, 1935
Theme song of the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra

CM7       C      Em7  B7       Gm     A+        A7
Nev - er thought I'd fall, but now I hear love call;

     D7     D6         G7         G+   C    Cdim     G7                    
I'm getting sen - ti - men - tal over you.

CM7        C   Em7 B7        Gm        A+            A7
Things you say and do, just thrill me through and through --

     D7     D6        G7         G+    C     F     C     B7                          
I'm getting sen - ti - men - tal over you.


Em              Am             F#7          Am
I thought I was happy, I could live without love;

B7     B+    B7           E7      Edim     G7
Now I must admit, love is all I'm thinking of.

CM7       C      Em7 B7         m       A+       A7
Won't you please be kind, and just make up your mind

      D7       D6        G7          C    C/B   A+  A7
That you'll be sweet and gentle,  be gen - tle with me,

    D7      D6         G7         G+   F    Fdim    C 
Because I'm sen - ti - men - tal over you.

So deeply associated with the Tommy Dorsey orchestra theme version, the lyrics of this classic are often overlooked.

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