I'm Glad There Is You

Words & Music by Paul Madeira & Jimmy Dorsey
Recorded by Julie London, 1955

DM7 Em7/9  DM7    F#m        DM7     Gm7    A7
In   this world of or - di - na - ry people

          Gdim      Edim      Am7    D7
Ex - tra - or - di - na - ry people

    Am7  D7/9  A7sus4  G5/6   E7  A7sus4  D9
I'm glad there   is     you

G          Em7      C        Cdim       Am7     D9
In  this  world  of ov - er - rat - ed pleasures

  Cdim       Bm7-5      G         B7  E7-9
Of un - der - ra - ted treasures

   Bm7-5          Am7  Cdim  Gdim  D7
I'm glad there is you


Am7  D9 D7/9  C9   E7            A7sus4     Cm7    G     Am7  G/B  G
I   live to  love,    I'd love to live with you beside me

      B7     Em  B+             Em7    Em6             Am7   D+5
This role so new,  I'll muddle through     with you to guide me

G+7           G6                       Bm7-5         E7
In this world    where ma - ny, ma - ny play at love

    Bm7-5 E7-9  Am7        D7/9
And hardly any stay in love

    Am7  D9    Am7  G   Bm7-5  E7
I'm glad there is  you

Bm7-5     Am7  D7     Cdim  D7/9    G  E7-9  Am7  Cdim  G6
More than ever,   I'm glad there is you


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