I Miss You So

Words & Music by Jimmy Henderson, Bertha Scott and Sid Robin, 1939
Recorded by Julie London, 1966

A     A9    A  A9   A  A+5           A7+5
Those hap - py ho - urs I spent with you,

D     D6     D        Dm6
That lovely after - glow...

Fdim    E7   Cdim  E7 Fdim(III)   Fdim      A  F#m7  Fm7  E7
Most of all,                    I miss you so.

A     A9   A    A9     A   A+5                 A7+5
Your sweet ca - res - ses,     each ren - dez - vous,

D     D6       D       Dm6
Your voice so soft and low...

Fdim     E7   Cdim  E7    Fdim     A  F#m7  Fm7  E7
Most of all,           I  miss you so.


C        CM7       F#7   F7         C       C/B    A7
You once filled my heart    with no regrets,   no fears;

Fm      Fm+7    Fm   Fm6              E7 Bm7-5  E7  F7  F#7  G7
Now you find my heart   filled to the top with tears.

A    A9    A    A9   A   A+5              A7+5
I'll al - ways love you     and want you, too --

D    D6          D       Dm6
How much you'll nev - er know.

Fdim    E7   Cdim  E7   Bm7-5    F#7
Most of all,          I miss you so,

Fdim    E7  Cdim Bm7-5  E7 Bm7-5 E7/6 E7  A
Most of all,                I    miss you so.

This is a song that might well have fallen through the cracks and been missed -- even though it has been recorded by more than one of my favorite artists -- and almost certainly would have, had it not been for the request I received from an Army chopper pilot serving in Kosovo. Thanks for the suggestion, Marc!

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