I'm Making Believe

Words & Music by Mack Gordon & James V. Monaco
Recorded by Ella Fitzgerald with The Ink Spots, 1944 (#1)

A7/6 D9     D     Bm7       F#m           B7
 I'm mak - ing believe that you're in my arms 

 B7/F# G  G/F#       Em7 Edim  G
Though I know you're so  far away,

F#m    B7    F#m       Bm    F#7 Bm
Making be - lieve I'm talking to you, 

 E7 Bm7-5       E7      Cdim A7
Wish you could hear what I   say.

A7/6 D9  D      Bm7     F#m         B7
And here in the gloom of my lonely room

        Bm        F#m         Bm
We're dancing like we used to do;

G6   GM7  G6   Cdim     D      Cdim          B7
Mak - ing be - lieve is just another way of dreaming, 

G         Edim    A7   D    B7
So til my dreams come true

G6   GM7    G6        Edim
I'll whis - per "Good night", 

 D9  D   D9   Bm       F#m Cdim B7
Turn out the light and kiss my  pillow

G    G/F#    Em7/9 A7/6 G/B  Edim   D6
Mak - ing believe  it's you.

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