I'm Still Not Through Missing You

Words & Music by Larry Stock & Mann Curtis
Recorded by Andy Russell, 1967

A7/6  D   F#m      B7             E   F#m  D9   E7
I'm still    not through missing you,  

     A    Em7    A7   Gdim     D6   G6   D  DM7   D7
I'm still not through feeling blue.  

    G          G/F#        Gm
I thought that time would ease the ache, 

 D      F#7      Cdim    B7
Make it ea - si - er to take;  

 E   E9   E            E9   E
But each day it starts a - new, 

A Em7 D9 A7 That yearning, burning, need for you. A7/6 D F#m B7 E F#m D9 E7 I said goodbye with a smile, A Em7 A7 A A7 F#7 Gdim F#7 And now, I cry all the while. G G/F# E7-9 I go to sleep, you're on my mind; D6 F#m Cdim B7 When I wake, I wake to find B7/F# E Cdim A7 Em7 Edim D I'm still not through miss - ing you.

Talk about "undiscovered gems" -- this one seems barely to exist.

It was requested probably a year or more ago -- so long ago that I had given up searching for an audio source and had pitched the e-mail in which it was requested, so my apologies to the individual who requested it for not crediting them here. I found one by accident a few months back, and another one more recently, after diligent searching. But in an attempt to compile accurate data, I hit a brick wall. It seemed for a couple of weeks that the more I looked, the less I found. I learned that Andy Russell's version came out on a Capitol 45 rpm single with the number F5971, and that this recording reached Billboard's Easy Listening Top Ten (though I don't know what week, or how high it actually reached) -- but more than that, I could not find. My usual reliable source on such matters (www.allmusic.com) doesn't even list the song at all, by any artist.

Being Taurus the Bull-Headed, I took that omission as a challenge. I actually sought out, found and bought the 45 just to see if the label said who wrote it -- and it did, which is where I found the names of the composer and lyricist. A more recent recording by a perfermer named Jay Justin also exists (though I haven't leard a lot about him, either) and I relied more on Justin's recording for this transcription than I did on Russell's.

Russell (born Andrés Rabago Pérez, he Anglicized his first name, and took the inspiration for his stage surname from Russ Columbo) had several successful recordings in the mid-40s, and this one reached the charts in something of a surprise some 20 years later. Though he seems to have enjoyed a respectably-long career as a Spanish language recoridng artist, he is largely forgotten now.

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