In A Sentimental Mood

Words & Music by Manny Kurtz, Duke Ellington & Irving Mills
Recorded by Ella Fitzgerald, 1935

Em7  A7         A7+5       Bm  D+5   D
In a sen - ti - men - tal mood,

       E7                 Em         G+5   G
I can see the stars come through my room

            A7         Bm  Bm7  
While your loving attitude

           B7         Em    Edim D
Is like a flame that lights the gloom.

Em7     A7      A7+5      Bm  D+5   D
On the wings of ev' - ry kiss

         E7            Em        G+5   G
Drifts a melody so strange and sweet;

        A7                     Bm  Bm7
In this sen - ti - men - tal bliss,

             B7        Em  Edim   D
You make my par - a - dise com - plete.


AM7         F#m   
Rose petals seem to fall,

     Bm          E7               AM7   F#7  B7   E7
It's all like a dream to call you mine.

AM7          F#m
My heart's a lighter thing

      Bm             E7             F#7
Since you made this night a thing divine.

Em7  A7         A7+5       Bm  D+5   D
In a sen - ti - men - tal mood,

        E7             Em         G+5   G
I'm within a world so heav - en - ly,

      A7                 Bm
For I never dreamt that you'd

          B7         Em   Edim  D
Be loving sen - ti - men - tal me.

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