In A Shanty In Old Shanty Town

Words & Music by Joe Young, "Little" Jack Little & John Siras
Recorded by Somethin' Smith & The Redheads, 1956 (#27)

      C      E7       A7
It's only a shanty in old shanty town;

      D          C#7         D7
It's roof is so slanty, it touches the ground.

       G     D7         G7          C   G#7       C
But my tum - bled down shack by an old railroad track,

        D7     C           D7         G       D7     G7
Like a mill - ion - aire's mansion is call - ing me back.

     C         E7        A7
I'd give up my palace if I were a king;

      D            C#7         D7
It's more than a palace  it's my ev'rything.

           F            Fm    Fdim  C     E7       A7
There's a queen waiting there, in a sil - ver - y crown

First time:

      Dm7       G   G7     C      Cdim     Dm7        G7
In a shanty in old shanty town.

Last time:

      Dm7      G    G7      C     E7     A7
In a shanty in old shanty town,

      Dm7      G    G7      C     Fdim     C
In a shanty in old shanty town.

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