Words & Music by James F. Hanley & Ballard MacDonald, 1917
Recorded by Louis Armstrong, 1954*

  G   Am7 G/B   C  C/B  A7   Gdim       D7  Am7 D7 
Back home  a - gain        in In - di - an - a 

        G7       Gdim Fdim C   Dm7   C 
And it seems that  I  can see 

     C7        F         Fdim    C      Gdim  A7
The gleaming candlelight      still shining bright
            D7   Am7   D9   Am7 G7 
Through the syc - a - mores for me.

G   Am7 G/B  C  C/B  A7       Gdim     D7    Am7    D7
The new mown hay        sends all its fra - grance
           E     Bm7-5 E7  Am   G#7 
From the fields I used to roam 

        C               E7      Bm7-5   Am     Cdim
When I dream about the moonlight on the wabash
       C    Am7    G7       Fdim     C 
Then I long for my In - di - an - a home.

*Commonly (but inaccurately) known as "Back Home Again In Indiana," this tune was irrevocably tied to Herb Shriner, who hosted a TV quiz show called "Two for the Money" from 1952-57. As an Indiana native, Shriner adopted this tune as the show's theme song. The attribution to Louis Armstrong is, in truth, somewhat arbitrary; the song has been recorded more than 300 times, but since Armstrong's version(s) account for more than 30 of those, I felt he deserved some credit.

This chart was editted from one provided to me by a visitor, and I've modified it only mildly from what he sent me -- in a couple of cases, changing only the designation of the chord name, for example.

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