In Dreams

Words & Music by Roy Orbison
Recorded by Roy Orbison, 1963 (#7)

C                                   Am
A candy colored clown they call the sandman

Dm            Dm+7        G7
Tiptoes to my room everynight

C                                Am
Just to sprinkle stardust and to whisper

       Dm7          G7           C
Go to sleep, everything is all right

C                              Dm
I close my eyes, then I drift away

Dm7       G7                   C
Into the magic night I softly say

C                              Dm
A silent prayer, like dreamers do;

Dm7           G7                          C
Then I fall asleep to dream my dreams of you.

C           Am        G7        F       G7        C
In dreams I walk with you; in dreams I talk to you.

C                      D7
In dreams you're mine all of the time;

         C  Dm  G    C    Dm   G7
We're together in dreams, in dreams.

     C      Fm       C
But just before the dawn,

   C        F -Fm          C
I awake and find  you're gone.

C                         C6   C      Dm       
I can't help it, I can't help it if I cry --

     G7                       C
I remember that you said goodbye.

C        C7        F          G7
It's too bad that all these things

C         F             G7
Can only happen in my dreams,

 C        D7       Dm7 G7      C
Only in dreams, in beautiful dreams.

This version is a virtual clone of the classic transcription provided by the late Andrew Rogers -- I've added maybe three chords to the whole thing. If you're looking for absolute dead-on, note-for-note correct transcriptions of songs from the 60's, search out "Andrew's Ace Guitar Tabs" if you can still find them. Nobody I've ever heard of ever did them better. Andrew died in about 2000, I believe, and no one has come close to matching his accuracy since.

The lyric and guitar chord transcriptions on this site are the work of The Guitarguy and are intended for private study, research, or educational purposes only. Individual transcriptions are inspired by and and based upon the recorded versions cited, but are not necessarily exact replications of those recorded versions.