In The Arms of Love

Words & Music by Jay Livingston, Ray Evans & Henry Mancini
Recorded by Andy Williams, 1973

E7 Edim Bm7-5  A       G7     F#7      Bm9         B7
If  I   could hold you in the arms of love to - night,

     E7 Edim     E7/9  E7  A
Then I'd nev - er let you go;

E       A9   A  AM7 F#m Cdim  A  AM7
As the hours go by, I'd show you why

F#m   Bm7    D9 Bm7-5  E7
We've wait - ed  for  this,

Bm7   Bm7/E      E7+5  Cdim  A
As two lov - ers whis - per low.

E7 Edim Bm7-5  A       G7       F#7        Bm9       B7
If  I  could feel that mag - ic kiss your lips in - vite,

     E7  Edim     E7/9  E7  Em7  A7/9
Im - ag - ine the joys I'd know!

    D9      D6/9     Dm+7 Dm6
The day has died a - way,    

       A     AM7        F#7
Let's find a hide - a - way

     Bm7     Bm7/E      E7/9 E7 A(V) G#7  G7    F#7
And share the prom - ise of   a new  to - mor - row

D9     Dm6     E7/7 E7     A
In the arms of love to - night.

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