In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree

Words & Music by Harry H. Williams & Egbert Van Alstyne
Recorded by Louis Armstrong & The Mills Brothers, 1937

Em7 A7  D    A7  D   G  A7    G    D
In the shade of the old ap - ple tree,

G      A7   D  A7  D    G   D  A7   D
Where the love in your eyes I could see,

D6        A    A7  G/B  A7  Cdim A7   D   G  A7  D
When the voice that I heard like the song of a bird,

Cdim   D   E   Bm7-5 Cdim  E   Cdim Bm7-5  A7
Seemed to whis - per sweet mu - sic   to   me.

Em7 A7  D    A7   D    G   A7  G   D
I could hear the dull buzz of the bee

G   A7   D    A7   D   G  A7   Em7 D
In the blos - soms as you said to me,

 D6       A    A7 G/B  A7  Edim  A7  D    Cdim  D  G
"With a heart that is true, I'll be wait - ing for you

Gdim A7   D    A7  D   G  D    A7   D
"In  the shade of the old ap - ple tree."

This one is about as old as anything on the site -- or just about any other music site, for that matter. It was recorded four times in 1905 alone, which makes Louis Armstrong and The Mills Brothers' version a revival, even though it's nearly 70 years old itself. Even by 1937, the song had already lost its intro verse (which was roughly twice as long as the part they did sing.)

As I would think should be obvious, you don't need every chord I'm showing here. Skip all of 'em you wish -- but at any given point, if you do want to make a chord change, you can use the one's shown and be pretty muchy on the money with the melody.

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