Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall

Words & Music by Alan Roberts & Doris Fisher
Recorded by The Ink Spots & Ella Fitzgerald, 1944

D   DM7       D6  Gdim  D9  Em7   D9
In - to each life some rain must fall

G   D   F#m     B7    Edim B7 Em7   A7
But too much is fall - ing in mine

Em   B+      Em7/6 Cdim  Em   B+   Em6
In - to each heart some tears must fall

Em7 A7   Em7     A7  Edim  D    Cdim  A7
But some day the sun will shine

 F#7 Gdim      F#7 C#m7-5  B7  Cdim       B7
Some folks can lose the   blues in their hearts

Bm7-5  E7    Cdim    E7/9 E7   A7       G/B   Fdim  A7
 But  when I think of you an - oth - er show - er starts

D   DM7      D6   Gdim  D   F#m   B7
In - to each life some rain must fall

Cdim  G  G/F#   Em7/6  Fdim A7  D   
But  too much is fall - ing in mine.

This is one of a number of recordings on which The Ink Spots and Ella Fitzgerald combined the considerable individual talents -- and I've posted an example or two before. However, as I've discovered in the past when listening to their joint efforts, I invariably prefer The Ink Spots' take on the song to that of Fitzgerald. They were re-creating an arrangement style so profitably mined by Glenn Miller and other big-band performers of the era, whereby one vocalist would present the song as a ballad and would then be succeeded by a second vocalist in an uptempo swing version. But unlike so many of the Miller arrangements using this style, to my ear Fitzgerald's more energetic reading is usually the weaker of the two.

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