Is It True What They Say About Dixie?

Words & Music by Irving Caesar, Sammy Lerner & Gerald Marks
Recorded by The Mills Brothers & Al Jolson, 1948

Am7 D7  G   Edim      F#7 Gdim      G6     G/B  Am7 
Is  it true what they say  a - bout Dixie? 

 D7       G  Edim       F#7 Gdim      Am  E7  Am
Does the sun real - ly shine all the time?

E7       Am7      Gdim       D7            B7          Em    B+      
Do the sweet mag - no - lias blos - som at ev'rybody's door? 

Em7 A7       Cdim        A7       Gdim
Do folks keep eat - ing pos - sum 

      D         Am7     D7
Till they can't eat no more?

Am7 D7  G   Edim      F#7 Gdim      G6        G/B  Am7
Is  it true what they say  a - bout Swa - nee? 

D7     G   D7       G7   G/B        C    B7  Am7
Is a dream by that stream so sub - lime?

E7       Am7  Cm7      Gdim   A7       G      Cdim      E7
Do they laugh, do they love, like they say in ev' - ry song? 

Bm7-5      Am7  Cm7-5       D9 Am7   G
 If  it's true, that's where I be - long.

This is one of those charts that looks hopelessly busy, and I guess it actually is. But if you think this is busy, you ought to see the souped-up version that I now play -- and I play it about something near 180 beats per minute. Not well, mind you...but I play it.

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