Isn't This a Lovely Day

Words & Music by Irving Berlin
Recorded by Fred Astaire, 1935
Introduced by Astaire in the film "Top Hat

Intro Verse:

     D              D+5                D6             Cdim
The weath - er is fright' - ning, the thun - der and light - ning

 G         G/B        A7+5  D
Seem to be hav - ing their way,

A7      D Cdim F#7  B7    E7/9   Em7 G/B A7         D 
But as far as  I'm con - cerned, it's a love - ly day.

     D           D+5             D6          Cdim
The turn in the weath - er will keep us to - geth - er

G       G/B         A7+5 D
So I can hon - est - ly say

         Bm    F#7        B7            F#7       Bm  Bm7/E   G
That as far as I'm con - cerned, it's a love - ly day 

    Em7         G/B   A7+5  D   ||:  D - F | Em7-G/B  -  A7+5 :||
And ev - 'ry - thing's o - kay.


G               G/F#      Em7        Edim      A7   D
Is - n't this a love - ly day to be caught in the rain?

G                G/F#     A7              A7+5         D6
You were go - ing on your way, now you've got to re - main.

DM7         Fdim(III)     C#7       Em7/6         Em7 Em7sus4 A7/6
Just as you          were go - ing, leav - ing me all   at    sea,

D            D6   Cdim        B7  F         Cdim   A  A7
The clouds broke, they broke, and oh what a break for me.

D9    D6      DM7 D7 Dm6     D9          E7/6    Fdim  A   F#m  Em7  F#7
I can see the sun up high, though we're caught in the storm.

D9     D6       DM7 D7 Dm6  D9     E7/6    D9    A6   
I can see where you and I could be co - zy and warm.

 D   D6  D7  D6         D9
Let the rain pit - ter pat - ter, 

Em7     D9       Am7        D9       D7/9     GM7 Bm7-5 E7/9
But it real - ly does - n't mat - ter if the skies are  grey.

G            G/F#     Em7  Edim    Em7   A7  D
Long as I can be with you, it's a love - ly day.

Suggested by recent visitor George Sherkowski.

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