It Can't Be Wrong

Words & Music by Kim Gannon & Max Steiner
Recorded by Dick Haymes, 1943 (#1)

 D       G      DM7  D  D9  DM7 Fdim DM7
Wrong?         Would it be wrong to kiss,

G        Em7        A7
Seeing I feel like this,

 G   G/F#    G/B     A7/6  A7       
Would it be wrong to try?

D       G   DM7  D  D9  DM7 Fdim DM7
Wrong?     Would it be wrong to stay

G            Em7        A7
Here in your arms this way,

G   G/F#    G/B     F#7
Un - er this starry sky?


F#7 Edim      G    G/F#  A7      Em7  A7       D      F#m   Bm7
If   it  is wrong,          then why were you sent to me?

  Bm7/E      G     G/F#  A7 Em7  A7  G/B  Em7/9 A7   
Why am I content to be      with you for - ev - er?

D   G  DM7 D  D9  DM7 Fdim DM7
So    when I need you  so  much,

G          Em7        A7
And I have waited so long,

   Cdim     Em7     A7 Edim  A7   D
It must be right -- it can't be wrong.

*Suggested by resent visitors Randy P. and John Cade.

This song was originally an instrumental theme featured in the movie "Now, Voyager." Lyrics were added considerably later by Kim Gannon.

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