It Happens To Be Me

Words & Music by Sammy Gallop & Arthur Kent
Recorded by Nat King Cole, 1954 (#16)

Am7              Cdim  G6        Edim
Someone longs for you and your caress;

      Am7             Cdim  D7       G6    E7
He's learning now how empty arms can be;

C   C/B     Am7     Cdim G      G/F#    Bm7-5  E7
Someone who used to know   your kiss not long ago --

     Am7      D9    Am7    G6
That someone happens to be me.

Am7          Cdim     G6     Edim
How he misses you and must confess

    C       C/B        Cdim     D7      G6    E7
Without you he's like driftwood on the sea;

C    C/B     Am7   Cdim G     G/F#   Bm7-5      E7
He's just a dreamer who   is still in love with you --

      Am7      D9   Cdim   G
That dreamer happens to be me.

G7   C     C/B       Am7 Cdim  G6    G   E7
I'll never know just why  we  part - ed;

      C       C/B   Cdim    D7    G
It's more than I can com - pre - hend.

  C     C/B      Am7 Cdim   G6    G   E7
I only know when you  de - part - ed

G/F# Em7sus4  Em B+    A     Em7 A7 Cdim D7
You   start - ed    a night that has no end.

    Am7                 Cdim      G6      Edim
Perhaps there'll come a time when you're alone,

      Am7         Cdim   D7       G6    E7
Your heart still haunted by a memory;

C   C/B     Am7       Cdim G         G/F#   Bm7-5     E7
If then you chance to find   there's someone on  your mind,

   Am7    D9     Cdim   G
I hope it happens to be me.

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