It Only Happens When I Dance With You

Words & Music by Irving Berlin
Recorded by Frank Sinatra, 1948 (#19)

A Cdim  A  D9     A   Cdim A  D9        E7
It on - ly hap - pens when I dance with you --

A    Cdim  A Fdim   A  Cdim  A   D         E7/9  
That trip to Heav - en till the dance is through.

 D6 E7-9    Fdim Bm7-5    D9    E7   A   Bm7-5     A
With no one else  do the heav - ens seem quite so near;

B7          C#m7-5  F#7   D9   Dm6   E
Why does it happen, Dear, only with you?

 A   Cdim  A     D9    A Cdim A  D9        E7
Two cheeks to - geth - er can be so di - vine,

D6 E7-9    Fdim  Bm7-5   D9   E7  Bm7-5     E7
But on - ly when those cheeks are yours and mine.

D9   Bm7-5      Cdim         E7sus4         Bm7-5  E7     F#7
I've danced with doz - ens of oth - ers the whole night through,

D9      Cdim        Bm7-5        E7
But the thrill that comes with Spring, 

A    C#m7-5        F#7
When anything can happen,

D6        E7sus4  E7  Fdim  A
That only  hap - pens with you.

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