It's All In The Game

Words & Music by Carl Sigman (1951) & Charles Dawes* (1912)
Recorded by Tommy Edwards, 1958 (#1)**

 C       G          C
Many a tear has to fall,

        Dm7    G           C    Fdim    C
But it's all     in the game,

C          G           C
All in the wonderful game

          F  G      C     Fdim    C
That we know    as love.

          C         Am
You have words with him,

          C       G7       C
And your future's looking dim--

Cdim        G                    D  D7    G   Gdim   G7
But these things your heart can rise   above.

  G                      C
Once in a while he won't call,

         Dm7  G           C    Fdim    C
But it's all     in the game.

G              G7            C
Soon he'll be there at your side

         F    G        C   Fdim    C
With a sweet       bouquet,

           C         Am
And he'll kiss your lips

     Em         Am7            D7
And caress your waiting fingertips

           C           F   G    C
And your hearts will fly     away.

*Charles Gales Dawes was Vice President of the United States under Calvin Coolidge.

Lyric friend Ron Hontz pointed out to me that Tommy Edwards actually recorded and released this song twice. The first time around, in 1951, it only reached #18. Oddly, the other two songs for which Edwards is perhaps now best remembered (The Morning Side of the Mountain, and Please Mr. Sun) were also recorded and released twice, and both scored better in the charts on the second attempt.

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