It's Almost Tomorrow

Words & Music by Gene Adkinson & Wade Buff
Recorded by The Dream Weavers, 1955 (#7)

E7  A          C#m7      D      A
My dearest my darling tomorrow is near;

    D9              A         B7          E7
The sun will bring showers of sadness, I fear.

      A             C#m7          D             A
Your lips won't be smiling, your eyes will not shine,

   Bm7           A                   D9        E7  A
For I know to - mor - row that your love won't be mine

E7   A        C#m7         D     Cdim A
It's almost tomorrow, but what can I do?

      D9    Dm6  A           F#7  B7     Cdim   E7
Your kisses all tell me that your love is un - true.

      A         C#m7        D              A
I'll love you forever till stars cease to shine,

   Bm7-5       Fdim  A        F#7   D9    E7 Fdim A
And hope some - day, Darling, you'll al - ways be mine.

E7    A           C#m7           D      Cdim    A
Your heart was so warm dear, it now has turned cold;

    D9    Dm6  A       F#7      B7          Cdim  E7
You no longer love me, for your mem' - ries grow old.

E7    A          C#m7           D    Cdim  Dm6  A
It's almost to - mor - row, for here comes the sun

    Bm7-5  Dm6 A        C#m7-5 F#7   D9   E7  Fdim   A
But still I am ho - ping that  to - mor - row won't come.

*Suggested by recent visitor Max Honn. I almost decided against doing it, since it's basically a rock-era cookie-cutter in terms of chording as recorded; but I wound up putting this together with alternative variations to illustrate how that can be done - and be extension, how almost any song can be expanded upon.

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