It's Always You

Words & Music by Johnny Burke & Jimmy Van Heusen
Recorded by Frank Sinatra with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, 1940

G   C         Am7  Cdim  G        Em7
Whenever it's ear - ly twilight,

   Am7          D9   D7      G
I watch till a star breaks through.

C          Cm7 Cdim  G   B7  E7      Am7   D7   G  Edim D7
Funny it's not  a   star I see, it's al - ways you.

G   C         Am7  Cdim  G        Em7
Whenever I roam through roses, 

Am7          D9   D7  G
And lately I of - ten do,

C          Cm7 Cdim  G   B7  E7      Am7   D7   G
Funny it's not a rose I touch, it's always you.


Am7   D9       Am7   D7       G           D7        G
If a breeze caresses me, it's really you strolling by,

Bm7  E7    Bm7-5      E7        A7        Am7      D7
If I hear a mel - o - dy, it's merely the way you sigh.

G   C        Am7  Cdim    G        Em7
Wherever you are, you're near me,

    Am7        D9 D7     G
You dare me to be un - true,

C           Cm7 Cdim  G   B7  E7        Am7   D7   G
Funny, each time I   fall in love, it's al - ways you.

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